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Breakfast food delivery in Hong Kong

There are few places as hurried as Hong Kong first thing in the morning. If you skip breakfast or grab a quick takeaway on your commute, STOP! You're worth more than that. If time is of the essence, let Deliveroo do the running around so that you don't have to. Tell us what you want for breakfast and we'll pick up your order and bring it to your waiting table. We're your restaurant-quality food delivery people, serving the busy folks of central Hong Kong, early in the morning. 

There's everything on offer here, from traditional breakfast to the most popular dishes and everything in between. Browse our menus and build your next breakfast online. Choose from a classic noodle dish with egg and meat, or maybe some tasty satay beef with bread. You can have macaroni with egg, bread and milk tea too, if that's your desire at sunrise. 

Hong Kong: delicious restaurant breakfast for local delivery

When you know where to look, there's no shortage of good breakfast spots in Hong Kong. The only problem with great places to eat breakfast is that everyone else knows about them too. Waiting for early morning food is one stress we can all do without. With Deliveroo — your breakfast delivery people — you can jump the queue, figuratively speaking, and let us bring your Hong Kong breakfast to you. 

If it's an early morning fry-up you want, you've got that too. How about a breakfast burger served with a scrumptious sausage patty, fried egg and bacon. French toast is a favorite meal, especially among expats. Try it with hazelnuts, banana and syrup, or any range of delicious extras. Feeling health conscious? Look no further than avocado toast, dished up with fresh tomato and avocado.  

If fish is your thing, smoked salmon on a toasted bagel, with avocado and cream cheese won't let you down. We have a lot of breakfast choices on our Hong Kong restaurant menus. Order foods that will satisfy and energise you at first light, and let Deliveroo bring it to your door.