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Dessert food delivery in Hong Kong

Urban life can be one big a rush for many Hong Kongers. Yet there comes a point when you just need to take a time out and indulge in a sweet dessert treat — c'mon, you're worth it. If you can't find the time to dine out, stay right where you are and let us bring the restaurant to you. Whether it's traditional light Chinese classics, a rich western delight, or a fusion of the two, it's all here. 

Deliveroo's home or office delivery service offers quality dessert food from the city's finest eating places. Skip those hurried takeaway bites; it's time for you to treat yourself to something more. How does a dish of soft tofu pudding sound, served with delicious clear syrup or sweet ginger? You may want to include some red bean soup to too — a traditional dish with yummy coconut milk and a selection of wonderful ingredients. 

Hong Kong: delicious Hong Kong Dessert food delivery

The folks of Hong Kong love a sweet treat like anyone else. The great thing about local desserts is that there are lots of restaurants and eateries that specialize in them. The not-so-great thing about local sweet dishes is that Hong Kongers don't always have the time to venture out and indulge. Well, now you can pamper your palate from your home or workplace thanks to Deliveroo.  

Take a look through our partners’ restaurant menus as you prepare to indulge. Order whatever takes your fancy today. Cold and creamy mango pudding made with fresh mangoes, evaporated milk and sugar is a Hong Kong classic. For a more western-style treat, pick from the wonderful range of light and heavy cakes, sweet tasting breads, fruit pies and yummy ice creams. 

Crunchy Chinese almond cookies are perfect with morning coffee or afternoon tea. A chilled fresh fruit salad is the perfect choice for a hot day. An Australian pavlova with its meringue base, topped with whipped cream and fruit, is an irresistible sugary delight. Deliveroo is ready and waiting to take your order.