Halal food delivery in Hong Kong

It's comforting to know that there are lots of authentic halal food choices in old Hong Kong. That includes the classic dim sum and roast duck dishes among many others. Deliveroo is the local halal food delivery service you can trust. When there's no time to cook at home or dine out, you no longer have to settle for boring takeaway foods. Our mission is to deliver quality restaurant meals to clients who order from our online halal menus. So do you fancy some halal dim sum today? Then prepare to feast on some xiaolongbao, siu mai, har gow and other portions.  

Consider some steamed glutinous rice with Chinese sausage served on a lotus leaf. For a heartier meal, there's nothing quite like a plate of crisp and juicy veal goulash. For a poultry lunch, look to tender halal chicken with a delectable sesame sauce and succulent beef dumplings. 

Quality halal meal choices in Hong Kong's restaurants

A lot of Hong Kong restaurants now have the special halal logo and certification. Finding halal foods and certified restaurants in the city isn't the problem. It's finding the time to eat out that's in short supply. Don't worry – we've got you covered. Deliveroo will take care of your order and bring halal restaurant meals to the doors of your home or workplace. 

The famous halal duck rice (wai kee) in Hong Kong is to die for. Savour the golden crispy skin and aromatic tender duck. Pause to take in the flavours and special aromas of this memorable dish. Beef goulash is another popular choice and for good reason. Sink your teeth into the heavenly pastry and experience an explosion of delicious soup and seasoned minced beef. 

From Thai chicken curries, to scrumptious lamb rolls, from Eastern cuisines to tastes of the West. If it's in our online halal menu listings, we'll bring it to your door. If you don’t want to wait for tables in popular eateries, or slave over the stove at home to prepare a high-quality meal, you no longer have to. We're Deliveroo, the restaurant food delivery people at your service.