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Mexican food delivery in Hong Kong

From east to west, north to south, Mexican food is a global phenomenon. Even in Hong Kong, Mexican is one of the most popular cuisines, and it's easy to see why. It has delicious meals served with heaps of tasty cheese, beans, rice and meats. They're also seasoned to perfection with a kick of spice – yummy! Want a fiery fiesta to tantalise your taste buds, but don't fancy the hassle of those restaurant crowds? Then order online with Deliveroo. We’ve teamed up with the best restaurants in town so you can enjoy their finest meals without setting a foot outdoors. 

Hong Kong is 14,000 kilometers from Mexico City, yet the wonderful tastes from this faraway land are here on your doorstep. Avoid the standard, tacky takeaways and relish high quality cuisine from the best eateries. Order from Deliveroo's menu listings and we'll fetch and deliver your selections in no time. 

Moreish Mexican cuisine in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a lively, cosmopolitan place; a melting pot of world cultures and international cuisines. All the popular cuisines can be found here, catering to local demand. As in other places, people here love Mexican food, both expatriates and the local Hong Kongers. But finding a seat when you need one, well, that's something else. 

A few tasty jalapeño cheese fritters makes a great Mexican starter. Sink your hungry teeth into those fresh, breaded bites that ooze with warm melted cheese and jalapeño. And succulent mushroom caps stuffed with juicy spinach are to die for. Whatever you order, don't forget the perfectly seasoned guacamole made using only the freshest avocado.  

How does fideo con pollo sound? Or how about that sautéed tender chicken breast with fresh veggies tossed in a mouthwatering cream sauce, served with angel hair pasta? If you desire the Tex Mex experience in Hong Kong, you've got that too. Enjoy a plate of chilli con carne, fajitas, shredded meats, and lashings of cheese, beans and spices. Whatever you crave, Deliveroo can bring a wonderful Mexican spread to your doorstep. Just browse our menu listings, make your choices and order with a few clicks.