Pizza Food Delivery inHong Kong

Real pizza has a place in Hong Kong. Anyone who settles for second-rate supermarket takeaway deserves better. Order a perfect pizza with Deliveroo—your local online pizza delivery people. Our menus list food from the best pizzerias; kitchens that serve up mouthwatering meals from all the classics. Whether you're after a super thin crispy crust with exotic toppings, or a deep dish, it's all here in Hong Kong. 

What's it to be, a fresh, made-to-order Neapolitan-style pizza with its crisp puffy outer edge? Or maybe you crave the moreish margherita—a firm favourite with local expats. This hand pressed creation and its rich tomato sauce, gooey mozzarella cheese and sprinkling of oregano is sensation on a plate. And the Italia will please any palate it touches once you bite into those juicy mushrooms, spicy salami sausage and pepperoni. Browse our restaurant menus and place your order. 

Hong Kong: Perfect Italian-style Pizza delivery in Hong Kong

You can find all kinds of pizza in all sorts of places in Hong Kong city. Even so, nothing comes close to authentic pizza dishes prepared by genuine pizzaiolos in proper pizzerias. Luckily for Hong Kongers and the local expatriate population, there are some fine pizza restaurants in the city. If eating out is too much of a hassle, then eat in. Let Deliveroo call round to the office or home with your favourite meal. 

If it's Hawaiian you want, then stick it on your next Deliveroo order. Before you know it, we'll be knocking at your door and you'll be indulging in that chewy cheese and tasty tomato base. Enjoy those succulent pineapple pieces, scattering of ham and mixed peppers if that's what you want.  

Build an order and choose your meat or fish toppings. Consider pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, sausage, bacon, gooey cheese, black olives, peppers and many others. If you love cheese make sure you add an extra helping to your order. Pizza possibilities and choices in Hong Kong are incredible, and Deliveroo can get the food to your waiting table in no time.