Thai food delivery in Hong Kong

We know there are many wonderful tastes of Asia in central Hong Kong. The city is a real melting pot of global cuisines and fascinating traditions. Some international foods get fused with local fare to create dishes that are unique. Tasty Thai food – perhaps the most sought after and varied cuisine in South East Asia – can be found here too. Order a perfect Thai entrée from Deliveroo’s online menu listings. Maybe begin your meal with options like tempura prawns, veggie spring rolls, golden money bags or a curry puff – lovely! 

If you're too tired or preoccupied to venture out, don't let that stop you from enjoying a delicious,  authentic Thai spread. Forget the quick takeaway, you deserve more than that. Choose whatever takes your fancy from our range of restaurant-quality dishes. From classic Thai soups to aromatic curries to die for, it's all here in old Hong Kong city. 

Hong Kong– for tantalising, tasty Thai food options

Although there's some subtle crossover between the different types of Asian cuisine, there are also huge distinctions. Thai food uses five central tastes in its meals. With sweet, sour, spicy, salty and bitter, its dishes will have always have something to tantalise the taste buds. Hong Kong's best Thai eating places do get busy, but thanks to Deliveroo, we can bring the meals to your door. 

We offer quick, reliable Thai restaurant food delivery to homes around central Hong Kong. So what's it to be? The classic tom yum soup with your choice of meat gives you a bowl of authentic Thai flavours that explode in the mouth. Just savour those fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and coriander as the chilli kicks in. 

You have got plenty of fresh, yummy Thai salads available too, from the very mild to the fiery papaya salads like som tum. Thai coconut curries are to die for – seriously! Consider anything from the flavoursome red, green and yellow dishes on offer. Whether it’s one of these delectable choices, or one of the many excellent rice and noodle-based dishes available, which come with a choice of veggies, meat and fish, order your next Thai spread from Deliveroo.