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Vegetarian Food Delivery in Hong Kong

Today there are a number of quality vegetarian restaurants in Hong Kong. Various eating places also include veggie meals on their menus. There's much more to delicious plant foods than the regular salad found in regular eateries. Look through our Deliveroo restaurant menus and explore the culinary delights. You will find pure vegetarian dishes that are naturally rejuvenating. These are meals created with high culinary standards using the freshest, plant-based ingredients. 

Prepared to take your taste buds on a vegetarian food adventure? Perhaps begin with an Asian-style salad with beetroot, quinoa and fresh avocado. A luscious tomato-based soup with mixed veggies, okra and taro is also a refreshing start. Maybe add a few crisp potato fries to your table with vegan cheese, avocado and a rich, tasty BBQ sauce. Place your online order with us today and we'll put our delivery wheels into motion right away. 

Hong Kong: Exciting vegetarian meal options in Hong Kong

Until more recent times, Hong Kong was slow to catch on with the demand for quality, colourful, tasty, textured veggie meals. Nowadays it's all very different. Every year, more Hong Kongers embrace a healthier way of eating, and that means less meat and more plants. And when you can't be bothered to cook, or are too tired to eat out, Deliveroo will bring a restaurant quality veggie spread to your door. 

Fancy something with potato? Look no further than a creamy crêpe potato gratin with layers of sweet potato, shallot, thyme and chewy cheese. For a vegetarian dish that works at any mealtime, think about an all-day breakfast. Bite into the warm, crisp mini croissant. Pick up a little beetroot, avocado tomato and quinoa on your fork. Now relish the flavours and textures of the baby spinach, hot scrambled egg, baked beans, and cooked cherry tomatoes.  

Gone are the days when the only options on the vegetarian table were stuffed peppers and those predictable veggie lasagnes. Deliveroo will bring anything from a spicy cauliflower roast, kidney bean curries, scrumptious broccoli pesto pizzas, and plenty more besides.