Fresh ingredients are hand-crafted into art in the form of pizzas at this globally-loved brand since they started back in 1965!


  • PizzaExpress Tomato Passata Sauce

    400g - The Greci family of Italy has been making our tomato sauce since 1965. The tomatoes are crushed within 12 hours of harvest & finished with basil from the farm next door. 自1965年起,在意大利的Greci家族負責製造我們的番茄醬。番茄於收成後12小時內榨碎,加上採摘自旁邊農莊的羅勒葉,製成我們著名的番茄醬。

  • Truffle Prosciutto Sticks 賀歲松露火腿麵包條

    Breadsticks wrapped by truffle prosciutto, served with our homemade garlic butter 麵包條配以松露風乾火腿,自家制蒜蓉牛油

  • Truffle Calzone 富貴松露薄餅餃

    Truffle prosciutto, winter truffle carpaccio, fontina and mozzarella, portabella mushroom, black garlic paste. Served with a mixed salad 松露風乾火腿、油浸黑松露片、芳堤娜芝士、馬蘇里拉芝士、龍葵菇、黑蒜醬。配上雜菜沙律

  • Set for 10 - 10人套餐

    2x Chicken Wings, 2x Meatballs & Bolognese, 3x Truffle Prosciutto Sticks, 4x Any pizzas from this menu or Truffle Calzone, 4x Any pastas from this menu, 2x Dough Balls with Nutella, 10x Drinks of your choice 2x 香烤雞翼 2x 意式焗肉丸 3x 賀歲松露火腿麵包條 4x 任何於此菜單的薄餅或富貴松露薄餅餃 4x 任何於此菜單的意粉 2x 焗麵包球配朱古力榛子醬 10x 自選飲品

  • Set for 25 - 25人套餐

    6x Chicken Wings, 6x Meatballs & Bolognese, 9x Truffle Prosciutto Sticks, 10x Any pizzas from this menu or Truffle Calzone, 10x Any pastas from this menu, 4x Dough Balls with Nutella, 25x Drinks of your choice 6x 香烤雞翼 6x 意式焗肉丸 9x 賀歲松露火腿麵包條 10x 任何於此菜單的薄餅或富貴松露薄餅餃 10x 任何於此菜單的意粉 4x 焗麵包球配朱古力榛子醬 25x 自選飲品

  • Special Set 精選套餐

    Best for 2-3 persons - Set included 2x Pizza or pasta (or 1 of each), 1x Garlic Bread with gorgonzola and parmesan, 1x Dough Balls with Nutella * (2-3人適用) 2x 自選薄餅或意粉 (或每款一個), 1x 蒜蓉包, 1x 焗麵包球配朱古力榛子醬 *