• NOSH Combostar_filled

    1 Meal & 1 Side

  • B5 Grass Fed Beef Burrito Bowl with Guacamole and Brown Ricestar_filled

    草飼牛墨西哥捲餅碗配牛油果, 糙米及捲心菜 Calories 600-650 | Protein: 29g | Carbs: 54g I Fats: 34g 卡路里:600-650 |蛋白質:29g |碳水化合物:54g I脂肪:34g Ingredients: steak slices, red and green cabbages, coriander, guacamole (avocado and lime), tomato salsa, brown rice 成分:牛排肉,紅色和綠色捲心菜,香菜,酪梨莎莎醬(牛油果和青檸),番茄沙拉,糙米

  • B6 Free Range Chicken Black Bean with Quinoa/Brown Rice and Guacamolestar_filled

    特色黑豆無激素雞肉藜麥糙米飯 Calories: 500-550 | Protein: 50g | Carbs: 55g, Served with Guacamole 卡路里:500-550 |蛋白質:50g |碳水化合物:55g,配以酪梨調味醬 Ingredients: chicken slices, quinoa and brown rice mix, black bean, corn, guacamole (avocado and lime), tomatoes, cucumbers 材料: 雞肉片,藜麥和糙米,黑豆,玉米,酪梨莎莎醬(牛油果和青檸),番茄,青瓜

  • B15 Moroccan Spiced Chicken Breast with Herb Cous Cous With Vegetable Taginestar_filled

    香醃雞胸摩洛哥鍋配北非小米 Calories: 300-350 | Protein: 27g | Carbs: 30g, high protein and good carbohydrates 卡路里:300-350 |蛋白質:27g |碳水化合物:30g,高蛋白質和良好的碳水化合物 Ingredients: chicken breast, yogurt, couscous, cucumber, tomatoes, red onions, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, carrots, chickpeas, parsley, lemon dressing 成分:雞胸肉,酸奶,蒸粗麥粉,青瓜,番茄,紅洋蔥,紅薯,南瓜,胡蘿蔔,鷹嘴豆,歐芹,檸檬醬 *Include dairy products *含有乳製品

  • D1 Roasted Salmon with Stir-Fry Udon Noodlesstar_filled

    香烤三文魚炒烏冬 Calories: 350 - 400 l Protein: 32g l Carbs: 41g Ingredients: Salmon Fillet, Udon Noodles, Sliced Carrots, Sliced Cabbages, Siu Tong Choi, Sliced Spring Onion, Sesame Seeds, Dark Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil 材料:三文魚,烏冬面,小棠菜,甘筍,椰菜,芝麻,老抽,芝麻油 *Include Nuts and Soy products *含有堅果及豆類製品