Your favorite ready-to-eat hot meals, snacks, coffee and milk tea, beer and spirits, and popular street-side snacks such as fish balls, udon noodles, rice dumplings and more.


  • 杜蕾斯G激爽裝衛生套3片 Durex Intense Orgasmic Cond 3sstar_filled

  • 7-ELEVEN三摺傘(黑) 7-ELEVEN 3-FOLD UMBRELLA(BLK)star_filled

  • 熱賣點-百搭孖寶(烏冬撈) Hot Shot - Perfect Pairing (Stirred Udons)

    烏冬撈一份 + 配料一份 1 Stirred Udon + 1 Topping

  • 熱賣點-百搭孖寶(湯米粉) Hot Shot - Perfect Pairing (Rice Noodles)

    湯米粉一份 + 配料一份 1 Rice Noodles + 1 Topping

  • 熱賣點-燒賣10粒Hot Shot - Shaomai 10'S

  • 熱賣點-魚蛋10粒Hot Shot - Fish Ball 10'S