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Italian Food Delivery in Hong Kong

The wonderful range of quality Italian fare is cooking up a storm in Hong Kong. The best Italian eateries get busy though, too busy at times, but don't let that minor detail concern you. Deliveroo is now in town, and we'll bring authentic Italian food to your door to save you the hassle of dining out. We're not just another standard takeaway delivery service; our focus is only on restaurant quality meals. 

If you want a full Italian spread, maybe order some nibbles to whet your appetite. Look for fresh olives, an artisan bread basket, and perhaps some crunchy Italian nachos. Garlic bread, mushroom fritti with a little garlic aioli, and crispy squid are other options. For your antipasti, consider well-seasoned baked mushrooms or tomato bruschetta. Savor the tastes of those slow-roasted cherry tomatoes, yummy buffalo ricotta, basil and extra virgin olive oil. Could food get any better? 

Hong Kong: Meal delivery from Hong Kong's Italian restaurants

Most people love something from the Italian food table, including Hong Kongers. There's also a fast-growing Italian population living and working in this former British colony. With their presence comes an even greater demand for quality Italian fare. Alas, not everyone has the time to eat out. It's the reason Deliveroo is here, bringing restaurant meals to homes and offices in the city's central areas.  

Whatever you order from the online menus, you can't fail with a dish of seasonal plants on the table. Treat yourself to some chargrilled veggies—the Italian way—marinated in a fusion of selected herbs and garlic. Also on the plate is mozzarella, mini buffalo, pickles, pecorino and chili jam, purple slaw and a few Italian olives.   

For meaty mains, you can order from a range of succulent pasta and pizza dishes, but there's more. Chicken Milanese is a timeless Italian classic. It comes with fontal cheese and prosciutto—bread crumbed and topped with black truffle and egg. And the sensational seasoned Italian lamb lollipops will have you craving for more of the same. Order now and eat soon.