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Back in the office? Use food perks to motivate your team

Food perks and work meals are a key way to keep your team feeling connected, motivated and rewarded. A study by Cornell university suggests that teams that eat meals together are more productive and have higher morale. With a range of smart food solutions, Deliveroo for Work gives you the flexibility to meet the needs of your team. Here’s how we can help you navigate the return to work.

Whether your business is adopting a phased return to work, or embracing a hybrid approach, creating a positive and supportive company culture is more important than ever. According to LinkedIn’s global trends report for 2022, if employees feel cared for at work, they are three times more likely to be happy in their job and 40% of job seekers consider workplace culture a top priority.

The key to many hearts and minds start with food, so office treats, including organised team meals, could be vital to ensuring your team feels connected, motivated and rewarded.

Boost team bonding

Catered meetings, weekly drinks and team meals are a great opportunity for your coworkers to reconnect with each other without hearing those famous three words “You’re on mute”. Food treats make the office a more attractive and sociable place to be, while also incentivising more bodies to make their way back to the office if promoted properly.

Whether it’s pizzas on a Friday afternoon, delicious platters for a fortnightly catch-up, or a ‘ welcome back lunch in the office, showing your employees you care about their wellbeing will only have a long-standing, positive impact.

If you’re not sure where to start, we can help you order the right things in just a few clicks. Plan ahead, or order last-minute for an impromptu work lunch with Group Ordering. Our Catering team can help with larger events in the office, too.

Team bonding
Team bonding
Ease back to work jitters
Ease back to work jitters

Ease back-to-work jitters

Not everyone will be as comfortable with returning back to work and commuting in via public transport, so it’s important you’re doing what you can as a company to help ease those jitters.

A survey by CIPHR found that 1 in 5 workers are nervous about returning to their usual place of work. With most workplaces having adapted their space to take into account continuing Covid concerns, the same should be considered when it comes to food. That’s when you can let your team choose their own individually packaged dishes with our simple Group Ordering process. Just create a link up to 24hrs in advance, share it with the team and up to 150 people can add their chosen dishes to the order before checkout.

Set-up your account to get started here.

Flexible meals for flexible working

In our recent Post-Pandemic Work Survey, we found out that 59% of our clients are adopting a hybrid working model. As people are coming into the office on different days, you need flexibility to ensure nobody is left out in team initiatives.

We can help you with Meal Allowances for teams or individuals: you set a budget, they order on the Deliveroo app, and the bill is taken care of under one simple monthly invoice - we can hear your finance team's applause already. If some team members are still working remotely, Meal Allowances mean they can order directly to their home as well, so no one gets left out. If you’re re-thinking your in-house catering setup.

Speak to our team about how we can help with hybrid catering solutions here.

Flexible meal solutions
Flexible meal solutions
Token of appreciation
Token of appreciation

Tokens of appreciation

Recognising and rewarding your team for their achievements can be an important part of creating a supportive culture as we return to the workplace. Why? Because as employees we want to feel valued and maintain a healthy wellbeing which makes our day-to-day as enjoyable as possible.

How can we provide a token of appreciation? Well, as we know from our recent survey, 60% of our clients said food is absolutely essential or very important to their current work environment - so you could try Food gifts, gift cards or home packages.

Why not use meal allowances for a monthly or quarterly face-to-face team lunch to say thank you and acknowledge achievements. Or say thank you with a digital Deliveroo gift card (you can purchase them individually or in bulk for the whole team). Everyone likes to feel appreciated and food perks are a great way to boost morale.

Incentivise the return to the workplace with Deliveroo for Work and discover our variety of corporate food offerings which can be incorporated into your employee wellbeing programmes.

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